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The MANDATE of NESRC is to be a centre combining serious intellectual pursuits with involvement with persons and groups active in social change in the region.

In the context of ethnic and political conflict, it is to provide a platform for groups in conflict to meet and search for solutions and not itself find solutions for them. Given the size of the Northeast with its seven States, NESRC is to be a node for encouraging intellectual and activist pursuits in the whole region. Instead of centralising work in Guwahati, it is to help smaller units to evolve in the rest of the region. ..

Founded on 1st March, 2000.

News, Studies & Events

Upcoming Events

National Seminar on Conflict Resolution Systems in Tribal Societies of North East India, Legal Pluralism and Indian Democracy on 5 -6 June at INSPIRATION, Joypur, Guwahati.
National Seminar on Family, Clan and Social Organization in North East India on 26 -27 June at INSPIRATION, Joypur, Guwahati.
Recent Publications

Alphonsus D'Souza, Yangkhao Vashum,Lalrindiki: The Quest For Harmony(Christian and Tribal Perspectives), 2013
Price: Rs 300

Recent Studies

Dr. Walter Fenandes, Garima Thakuria, Bitopi Dutta: Evictions and the status of Land in Guwahati and Imphal( A response to Evictions and Displacements)
Sponsored By Action Aid, Guwahati

Dr. Walter Fenandes, Tiken Das , Furzee Kashyap: Tribes Divided between Northeast India and Myanmar(A cross Border Study of their relations)
Sponsored By Caritas Denmark

Dr.Alphonsus D'Souza and Dr Melvil Pereira: Welfare of Children in Coal Mining Areas of Meghalaya Sponsored by Childaid Network, Germany

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